Amish Auction of Crafts, Quilts, and Furniture

to support the

Amish Deer View School

Bonduel, Wisconsin

April 10, 2008


selling some items in the field

craft items in the tent


the scribe and his helper
recording the sales

a plant hanger for $25.00

or for $40.00


auctioneer's daughter

a $50.00 basket



a bargain at $200.00

or a Quilt for $225.00


snack time



$270.00 quilt


father and son


or this one for $300.00



and again sold at $300.00



another $300.00 bargain



a bargain at $185.00



$300.00 sale



$300.00 sale



 another $300.00 sale



a bargain at $200.00


starting to sell wooden items


for $220.00





$30.00 for each of these foot stools

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